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We serve delicious, nourishing food, staying true to our commitment to using local, sustainable and organic produce.

Burgers that are fresh and juicy

We take pride in locally sourcing all our ingredients, making our burgers fresh and healthy for you. From delicious, high quality ingredients, to hardworking chefs, we want you to have the best takeout experience

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Serving the greater Seattle community, we have curated the best recipes for you. Promising mouth watering food to satisfy your cravings.

Dietary Restrictions

Burger Bandit proudly gives many options to accommodate to a lot of dietary restrictions. From vegan friendly food to halal burgers, we have it all


Our premium ingredients are not just locally sourced, but also given fresh attention. We hand press our Kobe beef, freshly batter our fried chicken, and also make all sauces in house

Vegan Burgers

A good juicy burger is not just about the Kobe beef. At Burger Bandit, we have curated special recipes to make them vegan friendly. We offer industry loved, Beyond and Impossible patties and also our very own house special Chipotle Black Bean Patty. 

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Burger Bandit for Delivery Only

We offer only delivery for our burgers to your doorstep through door dash, uber eats, grub hub and more

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