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Our Story

Connecting people with the flavors of nature, catering to tastes with fresh, homemade, and gourmet food

We started this small business because of our love for burgers. Our teams have worked together to create the best recipes that contain natural ingredients, sourced locally, and are formed into delicious dishes through extensive research. 

From using artisan ingredients, fresh Kobe beef, offering dietary substitutions, organic salads, crispy home battered fried chicken, to letting you order our food right to your door step, we have made sure your needs are met with the best of foods.


Burger Bandit aims to give you the real juicy burgers, with an array of side options, delicious fresh salads, premium chicken wings and more. We are constantly working on improving our food and making sure you are satisfied. 

You can also book Burger Bandit to cater any event, from birthday parties, to office events. 

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